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About Me

Hi, My name is Mark Catanach and I run Eternity Images.   I am 37 (+10) years old!! and have a real passion for photography, I started photography at high school in Milton Keynes at the tender age of 13 and took it as a CSE and got top marks.  My parents were obviously delighted (not) when I turned the spare room into a dark room for developing my own films and was running up and down the landing with trays of chemicals, I can still hear my mum warning me not to spill any on her carpets.  I then proceeded to work in a photographic shop and lab for 16 years where my knowledge of the technical side of photography and lighting increased.

Over the years I gained recognition in magazines and books with my landscape photography and also my band photography, my biggest and most recognisable national recognition was when I was in the final 12 for the BBC Countryfile Calendar competition.  Having that boost I finally decided to make my almost lifelong hobby into an actual business, and have since been working with amazing families and couples to document their weddings and social occasions, and taking family and pet portraits that will last a lifetime.

I have been happily married to Jo for 19 years this year and we still look back and smile at our photos of our big day in 1998, we also like to laugh at my dodgy hair cut and the fact Jo got a spot on her chin overnight right before the wedding! and with no digital magic back then those are saved in print for eternity!  I like the idea that couples I have had the pleasure of photographing will be able to look back in years to come and smile as they look at the photos I took that captured their big day.

My main hobby other than wandering around with a camera is taking long walks with our dog Maya, we are out in all weathers! and I also enjoy a spot of gardening when I get time in between editing.

You’ll need to meet and get to know the person you want working with you on your  wedding day so get in touch and we can meet up for a no obligation consultation. Call me on (07889) 881174 or (01908) 579718 or email me at eternityimages@live.co.uk

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